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Thank you so much for sponsoring me AGAIN!!! Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation!

Thank you very much for sponsoring me this 2015-2016 season!!! 🙂

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喜歡滑冰的小女孩 – 陳楷雯

看著身穿紅色滑冰衣的小女孩,站在領獎台上,那充滿自信的神情,我真的不敢相信她是我的女兒 – 陳楷雯。那年她十一歲。

女兒從小個性就內向害羞,不善表達自己。雖然心地善良且貼心,總怕她長大後無法獨立,容易受人欺負。本想讓她多參加一些活動,來改善個性靦腆的 問題。結果是我們雙方都吃足了苦頭。最深刻的記憶是學游泳,好不容易說服女兒學游泳,一堂課三十分鐘,小姑娘往往站在池邊十五,二十分不肯下水,把她逼急 了,她就哭。第三次上課的時候,敎練實在看不過去了。叫我們到停車場等,女兒由她來處理。我們已經是黔驢技窮了,說不定外來的和尚真的比較會唸經。邊走邊 聽到女兒的哭聲,到了停車場,等了三分鐘,非但聲音沒有變小,反而越來越大。這三分鐘就像是三小時,我們決定回去。只見教練抱著女兒在泳池裡,試著安撫 她,但沒有任何效果。雙手把溼淋淋的女兒從泳池抱起,所有的人都看著我們。當時我覺得我們是世界上最失敗的父母…[更多]


Special moments

01/17/2015 – Watch Jeffrey to compete Juvenile Boys Events (My mom made his costume in three days)

Jeffrey Chen Skating

Jeffrey Chen Skating

Jeffrey Chen done with his program

Jeffrey Chen done with his program

01/20/2015 – Jeffrey finally took a picture of “Angry Bird” for real (we don’t get to see them in California)

Angry Bird – Cardinal

01/23/2015 – One day before my free skate event, one of my skate laces broke. We had to replace them with pink ones (the white ones they had at the rink were not long enough). Lol!

Karen Chen Skate with pink laces

Karen Chen’s skate with pink laces

01/24/2015 – After Free Skate, my score was announced (my coaches and I were shocked! We couldn’t believe it!)

Karen Chen Justin and Tammy

Karen Chen, Justin, and Tammy

01/24/2015 – Gracie Gold (left), Ashley Wagner (second from left), Polina Edmunds (right) and Karen Chen (second from right) on the podium.

Karen Chen 2015 US Figure Skating Championships podium

Karen Chen 2015 US Figure Skating Championships podium

01/24/2015 – After senior ladies award ceremony, a hug from my mom (Mom, you are the best!)

Karen Chen a hug from mom

Karen Chen a hug from mom

01/27/2015 – Spending time with my cousins

Karen Chen and cousins

Karen Chen and cousins


A Road to Recovery – 2014 US Figure Skating Championships

I would like to thank all the people for their support and help after I injured my ankle.

A special thank to Dr. Richard Gayle, Dr. Xiao Ping Wang, Donna Flowers, Gilley Nicholson, Tammy Gambill and my family. Thank you so much for believing in me!

Karen with yellow cast

Karen with yellow cast to match her jacket

Karen with orange cast

Karen with orange cast for Halloween

Karen ankle x-ray

Karen ankle x-ray taken two more weeks ago


To Jamie

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your wonderful birthday card. It is beautiful! 🙂
I am sorry that I am unable to send a thank you letter back to you. I couldn’t find the return address printed on your envelope. I appreciate your time and effort for sending this very special birthday card to me.

This season is going to be very tough for me. 🙂 Though, I will always do my very best. Thank you!

-Karen Chen 🙂

Birthday card sent by Jamie

Birthday card sent by Jamie