August 16, 1999

Skating History
I started skating when I was four, but I didn’t realize my love and passion for figure skating until I was six years old. My love for this sport has never died. I will continue to follow my heart and my dreams forever.

Tammy Gambill
Gilley Nicholson

Competition Highlights

2015 Season Notes

2015 US National Championships

Bronze Medalist – Senior Ladies

JGP Zagreb, Croatia

Silver Medalist – Junior Ladies

JGP Ostrava, Czech Republic

Bronze Medalist – Junior Ladies

2014 Season Notes

JGP – Kosice, Slovakia

Gold Medalist – Junior Ladies

JGP – Riga, Latvia

Bronze Medalist – Junior Ladies

2013 Season Notes

2013 Gardena Spring Trophy – Italy

Gold Medalist – Novice Ladies

2013 US National Championships

Pewter Medalist – Junior Ladies

2013 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

Silver Medalist – Junior Ladies

2013 Central Pacific Regional Championships

Silver Medalist – Junior Ladies

2012 Season Notes

2012 US National Championships

Gold Medalist – Novice Ladies

2012 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

Gold Medalist – Novice Ladies

2012 Central Pacific Regional Championships

Gold Medalist – Novice Ladies

2011 Season Notes

2011 US Jr. National Championships

Gold Medalist – Intermediate Ladies

2011 Central Pacific Regional Championships

Gold Medalist – Intermediate Ladies

2010 Season Notes

2010 US Jr. National Championships

Pewter Medalist – Juvenile girls

2010 Central Pacific Regional Championships

Gold Medalist – Juvenile girls

Fun Facts About Me

Favorite Move: Spirals

Favorite Jump: Triple Lutz

Favorite Spin: Layback Spin

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Snack: Peaches, Strawberries, Mango…I love all sorts of fruits

Favorite Dessert: Green Tea Ice Cream

Favorite Books: Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and much others…

58 thoughts on “Profile”

  1. Hi my name is Lois and I am in freestyle 1. it is kind of hard. I have a question. How are you that flexible???? Your a good skater.

  2. Hi Karen!
    I skate too! We’re the same age but I am no where near as good as you! I can do a double salchow and a double loop and I’ve done a double flip but it’s not consistent at all. Anyways you’re amazing and so inspiring. I first came across the videos of you skating at Nationals I think last year and I still watch them almost everyday! I really hope I can be as good as you on day! 🙂

      1. thank you!
        You do not need to answer this if you don’t want to share… but when is your birthday?

  3. hi Karen i am having a hard time with the axel. can you give me tips about it?:) thank you:) plus i love your skating!! and i love your flexibility!:)

  4. My daughter and I have been following you since last year. We got to see you skate at Glaciwr this year! So inspiring. She is a competitive skater and has dreams of a Team USA jacket but is struggling with thoughts of leaving the sport. She only lives with us on weekends, and she lives with her coach during the week. She is 10. Did you ever have thoughts about quiting and what advice do you have for someone who has talent but is struggling now with her double lutz and being homesick?

    1. Hi Mary,

      I just turned 14, and I don’t think I can give you any suggestions on this because I’ve never been away from my family. I’ve been skating since I was 4 and I can’t image I can continue skating without all the support from my family. We all know it’s not easy to be a competitive skater; You have to sacrifice a lot. Even though I’m 14, I still can’t be away from my family. Getting a hug from my parents whenever I need one always comforts me a lot. Afterward I feel fresh and recharged again and ready for more challenges.

      I really hope you can find a way to help your daughter and best wishes to her skating journey.

  5. Hey Karen, its Nina from a loooong time ago. Remember me? I went to sharks ice and saw you after lessons. 😛 I’m very happy that you pushed through and didn’t give up! Hope you and your family are doing well in Taiwan. 🙂

  6. Dear Karen,
    I’m the girl that crashed into you in Taiwan while you were doing a spin. He, he, sorry about that even though it was a few years ago. Do you have an email? Because I’m writing a story right now with 2 of my other friends who joined me not so long ago. I want to share it with you, if it’s ok. I am using my own email right now, but when I share it with you, it will be from my school email,, because I typed it on there. I also ice skate, and I am working on my double salcow, toeloop, and loop, but it’s really hard because my dad says I can’t make it, and I’m not good enough. He’s unsupportive, but I don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, you’re my roll model, and I really look up to you. I recently to Taiwan in April-July last year, 2014, and I saw you at the ice rink there. One of my friend, Annie (She has a Chinese name, but I don’t know how to type it on a computer), took a picture with you. Sorry, that a wrote/typed so much. 🙂


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