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2017 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Senior Ladies Gold Medalist

2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Senior Ladies Bronze Medalist

2012 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Novice Ladies Champion

Karen Chen

Karen Chen - US Nationals Novice Ladies Champion
Karen Chen – US Nationals Novice Ladies Champion

Karen was born in Fremont, California on August 16, 1999. She first stepped on ice at age of four and started competing when she was six. She was a very shy girl and it’s always been a challenge for her to attend skating group lessons. She would just stand by the gate of rink and wouldn’t go to her group alone. Things changed at her first skating competition. She did everything during competition by herself. After that, she told her parents that she loved ice skating and wants to do more competitions. So, her skating journey began.

After winning Juvenile Girls of 2010 Central Pacific Regional Championships, she got to compete in her first Junior Nationals Championships and she was pewter medalist. She was very excited and so determined to do better. Next year, she won the both titles of 2011 Central Pacific Regional and 2011 Junior Nationals in Intermediate Ladies division; her score at Nationals (combined short program and free skate) was 119.92 points — the highest score at the intermediate level since the International Judging System was implemented in 2007. The opening Level 4 layback spin earned 4.20 points and received straight 3 grades of executions from the judging panel.

Karen Chen - Butterfly Program - Layback 2012 US Champions Smucker's Skating Spectacular
Layback Spin in Butterfly Dance Program at 2012 US Champions Smucker’s Skating Spectacular

She went on and added two more gold medals from Regional and Sectional in Novice Ladies. On January 23, 2012, she captured the Novice Ladies title at Nationals at age of 12 with the highest novice competition score, 140.17, ever since the new judging system was put into place at the U.S. Championships back in 2007. The score is 14 more points than silver medalist’s. This was her first time to compete in Nationals; she really enjoyed it and learned a lot from this competition. Moving forward, Karen is going to compete as a junior lady during 2013 season (2012 – 2013).

Karen is a straight A student and math and science are her favorite subjects. Actually, she was just awarded with Dean’s Honor List last semester.  She likes art a lot and has been taking art lessons since she was 8. Therefore, she has lots of artwork at home and her favorite ones are all hung on walls of living and family room. She also like to play baseball, badminton and tennis with her brother, Jeffrey, when she has time. Both Karen and Jeffrey like to ride bikes and chase after each other when weather is nice. She is happy that she is able to skate and train with her brother after Jeffrey decided he wants to be a figure skater as well.

She is very thankful to have so many people who support and sponsor her to keep her dreams alive even though she doesn’t know most of them. Finally, she really appreciate her team members including her family, coaches, mentors, doctors, skating friends and their families to give her this opportunity to dream big and pursue her dreams.

Competition Highlights

2015 Season Notes

2015 US National Championships
Bronze Medalist – Senior Ladies
2014 JGP Zagreb, Croatia
Silver Medalist – Junior Ladies
2014 JGP Ostrava, Czech Republic
Bronze Medalist – Junior Ladies

2014 Season Notes

2013 JGP Kosice, Slovakia
Gold Medalist – Junior Ladies
2013 JGP Riga, Latvia
Gold Medalist – Junior Ladies
2013 Gardena Spring Trophy – Italy
Gold Medalist – Novice Ladies

2013 Season Notes

2012 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships
     Gold Medalist – Novice Ladies
2012 Central Pacific Regional Championships
     Gold Medalist – Novice Ladies
2011 US Jr. National Championships
      Gold Medalist – Intermediate Ladies
2011 Central Pacific Regional Championships
      Gold Medalist – Intermediate Ladies
2010 US Jr. National Championships
      Pewter Medalist – Juvenile girls
2010 Central Pacific Regional Championships
      Gold Medalist – Juvenile girls

Interview Videos:


Cecilia Colledge Memorial Fund Award
Susan Wise Trophy
Dana Dawson Award
Marcia Kresge Award

Competition/Exhibition Videos:

2012 US Championships Smucker’s Skating Spectacular
Butterfly Dance

2012 US Figure Skating Championships Novice Ladies Free Skate


a dragon by Karen Chen
Dragon by Karen Chen
Tiger by Karen Chen
Tiger by Karen Chen

Links to News:
2012 Season – Gold Medalist – US National Championships – Novice Ladies

Chen snags medal she can’t refuse: novice gold

Chen takes U.S. ladies novice title

Fremont’s Karen Chen wins gold medal in the ladies novice competition at the U.S. figure skating championships

2011 Season – Gold Medalist – US Jr. National Championships – Intermediate Ladies

Monster free skate propels Chen to gold medal – icenetwork.com: News

Gold medal has Chen all smiles | The Salt Lake Tribune

Editors Choice – Future Skating Star | kwantifiable on Xanga

Photos from Competitions/Exhibitions:

Karen Chen Spiral in Butterfly Dance Program
Karen Chen’s Spiral in Butterfly Dance Program
Karen Chen bielman spin
Karen Chen bielman spin

47 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hiya,
    I roller skate in England and found you on you-tube. I can’t believe your only a year older than me – your AMAZING. I’ve only competed once so far but will be in another comp in April. Your my role Model
    Thanks for listen
    Jade xx

  2. Hi Karen, greetings from Malaysia! I’m an avid fan of Michelle & Mao, and now i’ve found someone who also have the same technical brilliance, artistry and potential to become a skating legend! Looking forward to your continuous improvements. I wonder at the daily routine you have to be equally excellent in competition and studies, amazing dedication!

  3. My goal is regionals next year and I’m so excited do you have any tips? I want to be the first skater at my club to advance to sectionals so they give me some attention!

  4. I was watching the U.S. Championship, and I wanted to say what a performance! I hope theres nothing that slows you down for years to come, and that you blow all competition away!

  5. Hi Karen!
    You’re amazing and I am so happy that you were on the podium at nationals! I hope nothing stops you! I’m 13 and you are my role model! I’m competing at novice this year, do you have any tips? Especially for competing?

  6. Hi Karen,
    You are amazing and inspirational! Your former teachers at Chadbourne are very proud of you. Go Karen!
    Mrs. Simon

  7. Hi Karen!
    So I skate at the same rink as you and i watch you practice every time I’m there (if I can) . I love your skating and you are my role model. I started skating when i was 9 so I’m a late starter but I’ve been skating for 2 years already and i’m really close on getting my axel.I would usually land forward on my axel so I’m half a rotation off. A few days ago , my axel coach wanted to have me cheat the jump so then I could know how to actually land the jump. Any tips on landing the axel? I can do it perfectly on the harness but just not without the harness. Anyways, best wishes for you and your future! I’ll see you on tv at the Olympics!

  8. Congratulations Karen on your 1st Senior Ladies U.S. Title. Finally your dedication and hard work helped you to the top of the podium. I so enjoyed both your short and long programs. Your skating has everything.. Artistry, Technicality and an amazing feeling for the music. The Choreography was brilliant. Good Luck at the World Championships in Helsinki. I will continue to promote you and all our American Skaters on my blogs. Peter Murray


  10. Beautiful job tonight at stars on ice in Hershey, PA!! You inspire us to do our best and work harder. My friends and I love you!!! We were wondering how many days and how many hours a week you train?

  11. I am looking to send you a letter in the mail, but don’t know where to send it to? Is there a specific address I should use?? Thank you

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