Karen Chen – a Figure Skater

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Happy Holidays! Card by Karen Chen

Broccoli by Karen Chen

Broccoli by Karen Chen

Hat Design by Karen Chen

Hat Design by Karen Chen

Oil Painting by Karen Chen

Landscape Impression (Oil Paints) by Karen Chen

Pumpkin by Karen Chen

Pumpkins (Oil and Soft Pastel) by Karen Chen

Under the Sea by Karen Chen

Under the Sea (Clay and Paint) by Karen Chen

fireworks by Karen Chen

Fireworks by Karen Chen

Flowers by Karen Chen

3D Paper Flower by Karen Chen

Peacock by Karen Chen

Peacock (Paint) by Karen Chen

Crabs by Karen Chen

Crabs (Clay) by Karen Chen

Dreams by Karen Chen

Dreams (Soft Pastel) by Karen Chen

Birds by Karen Chen

Birds (Oil Pastel on Translucent Paper) by Karen Chen

Moon Bridge in The Fog by Karen Chen

Foggy Bridge (Oil Pastel) by Karen Chen

poinsettia by karen chen

Poinsettia (Oil Pastel) by Karen Chen

Rabbit by Karen Chen

Rabbit (Paint) by Karen Chen

Tiger by Karen Chen

Purple Tiger (Paint) by Karen Chen

Banana tree by Karen Chen

Banana Tree (Soft Pastel) by Karen Chen

Bamboo (Soft Pastel) by Karen Chen

Bamboo (Soft Pastel) by Karen Chen

Birds of paradise - Oil Pastel on fabric

Birds of Paradise (Oil Pastel) by Karen Chen


40 thoughts on “Artwork

  1. karen.. i didnt kno that you were a GREAT-MAZING ARTIST!!!! YOUR ART IS JUST SOO PRETTY!!! btw i take art too!!!!!!! but my art isnt good… at all. ur art and skating is just soo awesome!!!! u have the total package!!!! go karen!!!! WHOOP!!! XP

  2. HI Ellie, thanks again! At beginning, my painting wasn’t good at all just like my skating. I was able to keep practicing and be patient and then things got better and better. I’m sure you are going to be great on both soon! πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow! I am visiting your website because I love your skating, but I am thrilled to see this beautiful art work as well! You are a very talented young woman!

  4. How many hours do you skate each day? ^ . ^

  5. You can do evry think i just love you…

  6. Hi Karen! I am also a figure skater, but I never saw someone as good as you! When did you start learning your triples! They are really pretty and seem really consistent. Thank You!

  7. Hi Karen, you’re very talented! I’m 9yrs old and Im also a figure skater and have started doing arts. You’re a real inspiration not just for skaters but for all the young girls who wants to do their best in everything they do. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

  8. So you are talented in everything!

  9. My birthday is on March!!

  10. Your are very kind! What do you usually do at home?

  11. well actually I hate my brother. So annoying!! 😦

  12. do you and Jeffrey fight a lot?

  13. My mom said that you could an artist too! What a compliment!

  14. I’ll tell my mom

  15. Karen you’re sooo talented!! Your family must be so proud of you πŸ™‚ I am interested in skating and art too, but I’m really not as good as you :p See you at the 2018 Olympics :))))

  16. Your skating is so beautiful!! Love your spirals and high position of your foot! Also loved your music, skating to Andrea Bocelli it isn’t any better than that! Saw you on tv at nationals, feel bad that you will not make worlds but when you do everyone better watch out!! Have been waiting for someone to skate like Michelle Kwan and you definitely are that person, wishing you only good things in the future!

  17. I like your arts! they’re beautiful! :οΌ‰looking forward for your new programs next season πŸ™‚ You’re my favorite woman skater
    ζ₯·ι›―加油,ζˆ‘ε€‘ζ„›δ½  ❀

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