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A Road to Recovery – 2014 US Figure Skating Championships


I would like to thank all the people for their support and help after I injured my ankle.

A special thank to Dr. Richard Gayle, Dr. Xiao Ping Wang, Donna Flowers, Gilley Nicholson, Tammy Gambill and my family. Thank you so much for believing in me!

Karen with yellow cast

Karen with yellow cast to match her jacket

Karen with orange cast

Karen with orange cast for Halloween

Karen ankle x-ray

Karen ankle x-ray taken two more weeks ago


23 thoughts on “A Road to Recovery – 2014 US Figure Skating Championships

  1. You are going to the Nationals right?
    Good luck!! I’m sure you are going to do great… and happy new year πŸ˜€

  2. Wow! I hope you get well, soon! I just saw your brother on the medal stand on Ice Network. Awesome job!

  3. I saw your short program… finally πŸ˜€ waited for it for sooo long… good luck in the freeskate!! πŸ™‚ i’m sure you’ll make it despite your injuries. Go Karen!

  4. Just heard you withdrew from US Jr. Nationals. It is s tough call, but I am glad you made the sensible decision. It is great to see you have you tried your best, but life is not simple, just deal with it the best you can. Wish you speedy recovery and come back stronger next year!

    Remember: “The harder you fall, the higher you can bounce back”

    Good luck Karen, see you next season! Jia Yeo!!!

  5. Hi Karen. What a great attitude! I am so happy to see that you were able to compete in at least the short program. I’m so sorry you had to withdraw from the long program. I didn’t realize that the doctors had only allowed you to Jump starting 3 weeks ago. Keep up all your hard work and it will pay off!

  6. Thank you very much for the late christmas gift! I really appreciate it from You and Jeffrey. You gave me 2 times I gave you! And thx for signing the card. :3

  7. Hello Karen!
    I’m sorry that you had to withdraw from the free skate, but it was already great to see you in the short program
    Sorry for such a late comment, been pretty busy these days…
    and I didn’t know you were about to withdraw from free skate last time i commented, so really sorry for that clumsy comment!
    Anyway, I did hear you’re in the Junior World Team. Congrats! And good luck! hope you’re feeling better… how’s your ankle?

  8. So good to see you back on Jr GP fighting the good fight and appear to be healthy and well again! Congrats on winning the SP, good luck on the rest of the new season!

  9. Hi Karen! Congrats on your silver and bronze in the JGPs! You were so beautiful! Your SP this season is really amazing πŸ™‚ I hope you’re ok now. How’s your ankle?
    Good luck for the season!

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