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4 thoughts on “My Artwork – Tiger is on newspaper :)

  1. Well done on that!🙂 and good luck for the Junior Worlds! It’s this week right? I’ll be watching you🙂 You’re going to be great! GOod luck!

    • Thanks! Lucie. Unfortunately I had serious spasm in my left leg one week before leaving for Jr world and it came back after first day of practice in Jr world, so basically I have to rest four days without skating at all and never got a chance to run through my long program for 2 weeks.😦
      Anyway, I’m happy I can still compete there and proud of myself to finish two programs with pain in my left leg.

      • Hello Karen! I thought you were great at Jr.Worlds! It was a good fight, and you skated beautifully through the two programs without giving up. I know that you were just recovering from a broken ankle😦 hope it’s getting better… By the way I liked your new costumes…🙂 When are your next competitions? Can’t wait to see you again😉 but make sure to take care of that injury too…

      • Thanks so much for your kind words.🙂

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