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My First Team USA Jacket! :)


Finally, I got my Team USA Jacket. πŸ™‚

Karen Team USA jacket

Karen Team USA jacket


22 thoughts on “My First Team USA Jacket! :)

  1. Are you in the USA team?

  2. Wow that’s so cool

  3. Hi Karen!
    I skate, too! I’m your age as well, even though I’m no where near as you are! I have my double salchow, my double loop, and I’ve landed a double flip although it is not consistent yet. I can’t wait to start working on my double axel, and eventually my triples! I really want to be as good as you one day! I’ve every one of your skating videos and they’re so amazing! I especially like your Novice freeskate and your Junior short programs! You inspire me to work really hard and be the best that I can be! You are an amazing skater and I can definitely see you being in the Olympics one day! πŸ™‚

  4. hey karen just wondering what boots and blades you use? πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Karen, I’ve seen you on TV several times before and I am very impressed with how you perform my favorite performance is the one with the red butterfly it was a outstanding performance. Keep up the good work. I also like your Team USA Jacket, is there a website where I can buy it?

  6. What brand is your jacket??

  7. Hi Karen!!
    I am a total fan of you!! I’m 12 and I have been skating for 7 months with proper lessons. I practice very hard and I am in the rink almost everyday except for some sundays and skate for one and a half through 3 hours. I have landed my consistent axel last month and I am wondering when I could become like you. Do you think I can have my consistent doubles ( including the double axel ) this year? Could you tell me some tips like for jumps or spins on or off the ice? Thanks a lot!!~~

    • Hi Eva! πŸ™‚ I’m sure you can get all your doubles this year. It seems to me that you are very determined, after all you have already have an axel and you haven’t even skated for a year yet! Just train hard and smart and you’ll definitely achieve your goals. Knowing how hard double jumps can be at first, I would suggest you to just go for it and do you very best.

  8. Once you are part of the USA team do you have to pay for the jackets and uniforms? You skate in such an amazing way! Xoxo

  9. What brand is your TEAM USA jacket?

  10. Hi Karen, can you give me tips on double axels and bellman spins? I am always inspired by your perfection. Thank you so much for your time!!! Btw, on Instagram, I am @melissa.da.skater πŸ™‚

    • Hi Melissa,
      Thanks for visiting my website. Do you have a coach? I think each skater has his/her style and technique, so I’m not sure if mine will fit yours perfectly. Besides, I’m just a skater not a coach, so don’t think I’m qualified to give tips on any components of figure skating. πŸ™‚

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